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Foxy's Place

Welcome to my place

Here you will be able to find many interesting websites and some things about me.

First let me introduce myself, my name is Foxy i'm a 16 years old, Portuguese, highschool student

I'm currently studying Programming and we're learning HTML so I'm using my free time to make this website just for fun!

I'm learning some programming languages which are:

  • C++
  • Java/Java Script
  • HTML
  • CSS

A page dedicated to my cats

My 2 lovely cats

They're two fluffy balls of fur.


I hate math why would they invent math, I mean sure it helped a lot in some stuff like going to the moon and torturing little kids.

I can image you all saying this:"But you need math for progamming", I know i need MATH not Algebra

There's a big difference beetwen math and algebra.

Math has actual numbers that you can divide, multiply, add and subtract but in algebra you just have pain, torture, suffuring and letters. Leters the worst of all of them. For some reason school wants us to use the letters to get numbers...


If you want more updates go to the updates page =D.